College Gig is an Education Consulting Firm and a Guidance Counseling Organization

gig4  [gig]
1. a single professional engagement, usually of short duration, as of jazz or rock musicians.

2. any job, especially one of short or uncertain duration: a teaching gig out west somewhere.

(Origin:1925–30;  origin uncertain)

Now is the time – your short term job is to plan for and apply to college. This is YOUR college gig.   The education experience has become a pressure cooker! There are pressures from all sides: academic performance, over-scheduling, social and media distractions, parental expectations, peer pressures and competition,  and a distorted definition of success.  As a direct result, we are seeing increased rates of anxiety, depression, burnout, panic attacks, self-injury, substance use, and other debilitating conditions interfering with adolescence and the launching transition.

There appears to be a lot of balls to juggle.  The myth is that we mistakenly believe that we must hold all of these balls in the air all the time.  The fact is that we are only juggling because we think we have to – and because we think we have to, we do! Once we realize that there is a choice – to run the hamster wheel (juggle), or to find peace and balance – then the stress begins to evaporate.

We specialize in supporting students through all phases of this vital life transition: the launch from home to college and/or career.   There are developmental signposts through the journey – balancing work and play, building life and organizational skills, developing character and integrity, discovering college and/or a career goals, practicing time-management, leaving home, and growing roots in this rite of passage.  Miss a hurdle in the process?  We can help you regain your balance, find your center, and move you in the direction of college graduation and career readiness.

Our mission is to advocate for middle and high school students who desire to go to college, and are performing at personal peak intellectual levels, but cannot keep pace with the current unrealistic academic standards.  We support children to pursue a balanced lifestyle, which includes education and relevant extracurriculars, but not at the cost of deluded reality, compromised integrity, and distorted reason.  We believe that long range higher education plans and career success is grounded in a healthy and balanced awareness of one’s individual development, growth, and maturation.


Lisa K. Olson is a Registered Marriage Family Therapist Intern with the Board of Behavioral Sciences, currently under supervision