demystify-college-planning-and-find-right-college-01College Gig is an Education Consulting Firm and College/Career Guidance Organization. Our mission is to advocate for middle and high school students who desire to go to college, and are performing at personal peak intellectual levels, but cannot keep pace with the current unrealistic academic standards.  We support children to pursue a balanced lifestyle, which includes education and relevant extracurriculars, but not at the cost of deluded reality, compromised integrity, and distorted reason.  We believe that long range higher education plans and career success is grounded in a healthy and balanced awareness of one’s individual development, growth, and maturation.

It is my intent to collaborate with middle and high school professionals, not replace them.  My best suggestion is to ALWAYS connect with your high school teachers and counselors FIRST.   Having worked as a Guidance Counselor and a therapeutic Counseling Professional in a school district, I understand that caseloads are unrealistic, often over 500:1.  I want to partner with your school professional to achieve an optimum outcome for you.

I use all of my community and professional resources to best serve my clients.  I have nearly 20 years in education – serving a multitude of student needs.  With over 5000 colleges in the United States, there is a college for you! Based on my personal and professional experiences, the most important factor to consider for overall success is self-discovery.  My commitment is to get to the root of the issues impeding “perceived” academic performance through self-discovery, skill building , and well-formed outcomes. Development of these traits enhance overall success, in academia and in life experience.