“(My daughter) just informed me that her balance was reduced by over $2,000.  You are a miracle-worker!  THANK YOU. “  – Cherie, parent of college freshman

“Lisa and College Gig have been a great help to a student referred to me from a community member! Lisa found help for this student that others couldn’t find and without this help, the student wouldn’t have been able to continue her education!”  – Robin Kelley, President of EPIC (Engaging Parents and Involving Community to Empower Youth)

“Lisa helped me and my son to fill out his FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in preparation for his first year in college. Without her help, we would have been clueless to figure it out and we recieved Pell Grant money, which alleviated the student loan and financial burdens.”  – Jenny, parent of a college freshman